Giving Tuesday Success!


Thanks to everyone who donated yesterday on Giving Tuesday we were able to almost double our goal and raise $19,087 in just 24 hours! That’s enough to provide the resources for 5,062 hot nutritious meals for homeless men, women, and children.

I can’t thank you enough, whether you donate, volunteer, or offer up prayers of encouragement. Together we are giving food, warmth, and a path home to some of Sacramento’s most vulnerable people.

P.S. If you missed out on Giving Tuesday it’s never to late to get involved. Go to and give today.

GivingTuesday Live AMA with Sister Libby

Sister Libby and I did a live AMA this morning straight from the Loaves & Fishes Dining Room. Give it a watch and learn what Sister Libby’s favorite hobby is.

Then head over to our GivingTuesday page and make a donation. If you give on Facebook before midnight your donation will be matched by Facebook. at

If you don’t use Facebook you can give directly on our website at

Be A Hunger Hero – Giving Tuesday

Imagine, not having a kitchen to cook dinner for your child, a refrigerator to store a glass of milk, or even a cupboard to keep a snack. Living without a home is a struggle – a struggle to stay warm, a struggle to stay safe, and a struggle just to survive.

On Thanksgiving we gave gratitude for friends, family, and good fortune. Today, on Black Friday, I’m asking you to step up and become a Hunger Hero by creating a Giving Tuesday Fundraiser.

All donations made on Giving Tuesday, November 29th will be matched by Facebook, up to $1,000 per fundraiser.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Go to and click the Create a Fundraiser button today. Then just follow the easy steps.
  • Once you’ve created your fundraiser be sure to share it with your friends.
  • You can create the fundraiser anytime, just make sure it ends after Nov 29th to eligible for the matching funds.

We’ve got an ambitious goal to raise $10,000 in 24 hours. That’s enough for over 2,600 hot home-cooked meals for homeless men, women, and children.

Will you step up and be a Hunger Hero and start your fundraiser today?

P.S. Tune in for a live broadcast with Sister Libby on our Facebook page at 11:00am on November 29th for a special question and answer, where you can ask Sister Libby anything!

5 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

In the season of giving, what can you do to help those experiencing homelessness in Sacramento? Below are 5 simple ways that you can make a difference in the life of a homeless man, woman, or child.  

1.     Stop and say hello

o   Have a conversation. Show someone that you care. Ask how the person is doing; learn a little bit about him/her. It may seem simple, but to show that you care can make a world of difference.

2.    Carry a Care Kit in your car

o   Items in kit may include: granola bars, bottled water, a McDonald’s gift card, a pair of socks, travel-sized toiletries…

3.    Volunteer at a local nonprofit

o   Local organizations serving the homeless in our community include: Next Move, Wind Youth Services, Sacramento Loaves & Fishes, St. John’s Program for Real Change, Volunteers of America, Salvation Army. Information about volunteering is available on each organization’s website.

4.    Host a donation drive

o   Organize a donation drive at your workplace, school, or place of worship. To learn about what service providers need, call or check the provider’s website.

5.    Donate

o   Service providers are always accepting monetary donations to help support their programs. See contact information below for details:

–Loaves & Fishes:, or 637-2461

–Next Move:, or 454-2120

–Wind Youth Services:, or 561-4900

–Volunteers of America:, or 265-3400

–Salvation Army:, or 448-0890

–St. John’s Program for Real Change:, or 453-1482

…and many more!

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

An Interview With a Well Known Guest

Rick has been coming to Loaves and Fishes: Friendship Park for quite some time.  He is a well known guest in the park and has made friends with not only the staff but, the volunteers as well.

He is usually found in the library in the morning and in the park in the afternoon. He is always recognized by his laugh; even if he’s behind you. He is constantly laughing, making jokes, teasing people, and making other people laugh.

Don’t miss out on the chance to meet Rick Herrera.

“I like helping the Green Hats”



Israel is a local Californian from Sacramento. He recently started coming to Friendship Park. “I’ve been here since ’95 before, but just for lunch. Once the park got more popular, I started coming during the day.”

Israel started coming for a full day in June 2016. “When Jessica called me over, she showed me more on Ahern Dr. and I got to know more about the park. I started coming on June 18, 2016.” Israel likes to hang out with friends and the Green Hats (Staff Members) because “it’s funner.”

When I asked him about his favorite things to do in the park he said, “I love playing BINGO and I’ve won a few times. I also like helping the Green Hats with different things like passing out water or sack lunches and helping with ice.” 

Guests Creating Smiles at Friendship Park

Jessica and Felipe have been coming to Loaves and Fishes Friendship Park for quite some time.

“I’ve been coming to Friendship Park since I was 21 so that’s 1998, but it’s been off and on. Sometimes I’d have a home and then not…” said Jessica

“Yeah, I’ve been coming since 2001 so that’s 15 years,” stated Felipe.

They come to get coffee and breakfast in the morning, lunch tickets; Felipe can get a shower, and they like to talk to their friends in the park. But their favorite part about Friendship Park is coming to see the staff members, and they like making people laugh.

“I always make people laugh so they don’t cry,” added Jessica.

Felipe commented, “I like coming to play BINGO, fill out my football pool, (and hopefully win) and see the staff members.

Jessica and Felipe are seen almost every day at Friendship Park and we are so glad they’re here to spend time with our guests who could really use a laugh and a smile. We look forward to seeing them every day bright and early for coffee and breakfast.

Día de los Muertos 2016- A Photo Essay

Since 2001, Loaves & Fishes has celebrated Dia de los Muertos by reading the names of members of the Sacramento homeless community who have passed on. This year nearly 700 names were read by L&F guests, staff members and volunteers at the Memorial Wall at Friendship Park. Images from the memorable event were captured by Gale Filter, Theodore Goodwin and Bob Redd, all members of the Sierra Camera Club. Photo by Bob Redd – 2016 Photo by Gale Filter – 2016 Photo by Bob Redd – 2016 Photo by Theodore Goodwin – 2016 Photo by Gale Filter – 2016 Photo by Theodore Goodwin – 2016 Photo by Gale Filter – 2016 Photo by Bob Redd – 2016 Photo by Gale Filter – 2016 Photo by Theodore Goodwin – 2016 Photo by Bob Redd – 2016 Photo by Bob Redd – 2016 Photo by Gale Filter – 2016 Photo by Theodore Goodwin – 2016 Photo by Bob Redd – 2016 Photo by Bob Redd – 2016 Photo by Theodore Goodwin – 2016 Photo by Theodore Goodwin – 2016 Photo by Gale Filter – 2016 Photo by Theodore Goodwin – 2016 Photo by Theodore Goodwin – 2016Photo by Bob Redd – 2016