Stark Contrast – Which city is better served by its columnist?

I am so saddened by the lack of compassion in Marcos Breton’s Sunday column: The price downtown Sacramento is paying for Mayor Steinberg’s homeless crusade

Contrast it with Steve Lopez’s column in the Los Angeles Times a day later: A true L.A. hero: For people dying on L.A. streets, he offers help, and he won’t take no for an answer

Los Angeles has approved a $1.2 million dollar housing bond to help homeless people and is about to vote on a $.25 cent sales tax for homeless services. Businesses and developers strongly support the measure: Developers join the campaign for quarter-cent sales tax to fund homeless services

Here in Sacramento, Mayor Steinberg is fighting to win approval for an allocation of housing choice vouchers and crafting an ambitious mix of government (federal, state and local) and private (Sutter Health and others) funding to provide supportive services for homeless and at risk people.

Breton offers no constructive suggestions; Steve Lopez captures the humanity and suffering of the destitute on the streets and supports Los Angeles bond and sales tax. Which city is better served by its columnist?

Sacramento deserves better.

Joan Burke
Director of Advocacy
Loaves & Fishes

Giving Tuesday Success!


Thanks to everyone who donated yesterday on Giving Tuesday we were able to almost double our goal and raise $19,087 in just 24 hours! That’s enough to provide the resources for 5,062 hot nutritious meals for homeless men, women, and children.

I can’t thank you enough, whether you donate, volunteer, or offer up prayers of encouragement. Together we are giving food, warmth, and a path home to some of Sacramento’s most vulnerable people.

P.S. If you missed out on Giving Tuesday it’s never to late to get involved. Go to and give today.

GivingTuesday Live AMA with Sister Libby

Sister Libby and I did a live AMA this morning straight from the Loaves & Fishes Dining Room. Give it a watch and learn what Sister Libby’s favorite hobby is.

Then head over to our GivingTuesday page and make a donation. If you give on Facebook before midnight your donation will be matched by Facebook. at

If you don’t use Facebook you can give directly on our website at

Be A Hunger Hero – Giving Tuesday

Imagine, not having a kitchen to cook dinner for your child, a refrigerator to store a glass of milk, or even a cupboard to keep a snack. Living without a home is a struggle – a struggle to stay warm, a struggle to stay safe, and a struggle just to survive.

On Thanksgiving we gave gratitude for friends, family, and good fortune. Today, on Black Friday, I’m asking you to step up and become a Hunger Hero by creating a Giving Tuesday Fundraiser.

All donations made on Giving Tuesday, November 29th will be matched by Facebook, up to $1,000 per fundraiser.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Go to and click the Create a Fundraiser button today. Then just follow the easy steps.
  • Once you’ve created your fundraiser be sure to share it with your friends.
  • You can create the fundraiser anytime, just make sure it ends after Nov 29th to eligible for the matching funds.

We’ve got an ambitious goal to raise $10,000 in 24 hours. That’s enough for over 2,600 hot home-cooked meals for homeless men, women, and children.

Will you step up and be a Hunger Hero and start your fundraiser today?

P.S. Tune in for a live broadcast with Sister Libby on our Facebook page at 11:00am on November 29th for a special question and answer, where you can ask Sister Libby anything!

Little Caesars Pizza Day

Little Caesars Love Kitchen rolled onto North C Street this past week to serve hot pizza to over 500 homeless guests in our dining room. This special day provided a rare treat for our homeless guests.

The local Little Caesars staff who came to prepare the pies were so full of energy and enthusiasm and truly brought joy to everyone. The resources for the meal are generously provided by local franchisees!

Huge shout out to Little Caesars Love Kitchen and our local Little Caesars locations!

See Maryhouse First Hand – Watch the video

Homeless women, children, and families find respite during the day at our Maryhouse program. With your help we can provide a safe and welcoming place for some of the most vulnerable members of our community.