Fathers are homeless too

In honor of Father’s Day, Loaves & Fishes celebrated its guests who are fathers.

Gail Filter, Doug Winter and Theodore Goodwin captured stunning pictures of Loves & Fishes guests and provided them with two copies of their likeness — one to keep and one to send to their loved ones. (Keep scrolling to see their beautiful portraits).

Joe Walker livened up Friendship park with his piano playing and singing. And, staff and volunteers provided guests with cards to send to their dads and children.

“It is such a privilege to be able to recognize these men who perhaps haven’t been in contact with their family for years,” Hannah Ozanian, the Director of Friendship Park said. “You see it in their eyes when you elevate them and ask them to get their picture taken professionally. It is such an honor for them to realize that they deserve to have their picture taken as much as any other father.”

Many guests at Loaves & Fishes are estranged from their children because they’ve been surviving on the streets for so long. And many serve as fathers to those who are young and vulnerable and also experiencing homelessness.

“Father’s Day is an opportunity is to be with our guests who cannot reach out to their family and to make them feel as if they are family,” Goerge Kohrummel, the assistant director of Friendship Park said. “Our guests get to share their day and their thoughts with each other.”

Check out these pictures of our guests who we are so lucky to say belong to our family at Loaves & Fishes:

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5 thoughts on “Fathers are homeless too”

  1. God Bless you Loaves and Fishes on your journey to serve the homeless.
    Your compassion is overwhelmingly appreciated.

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to fathers on their special day.. So many would be so LOST if not for the love and respect and care given daily by Loaves and Fishes… You are a GLARING tribute to caring hearts everywhere… God Bless and thank you Happy Father’s Day

  3. I lived for 3.5 years homeless in Sac. and cannot say enough for Loaves and Fishes. They truly care for the homeless. I remember years ago when Sister Judy was there and Mannie as well. Also a man by the name of Dick, who went on to San Fran. I found two of my friends dead there and their names are inscribed into the beautiful wall with streaming water. One was George C. Lampela, the other I only knew as Bammer. Loaves and Fishes is a God send to all those who are homeless.
    Thank You to all the Staff.
    David Hender

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