BINGO glimmers

“Biiiiiiiingo! Ladies, I am here for BINGOOOOO!”

Rosemary, our dedicated volunteer, glides through the lobby singing that it’s time for the weekly BINGO game. Today, she is a whole day early so it’s a surprise to the ladies. Today they thought they’d have another day of conversing with each other, sitting or sleeping in comfort, waiting for our doors to close.

“What? It’s Thursday? We get BINGO on Thursday? Here I come.”

“I want in!”

“Wait for me!”

Our guests hurry to gather their belongings and head out to the back patio where the game takes place. Begging for the game to wait just another minute until they can reach the table.


Once outside, they mark their number. They talk about the week. They laugh, they lament and they just are.


These glimmers of normalcy are priceless, for all of us.

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